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Precision Industrial Ceramic
Established 1924
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Price & Payment:
Total (Final) price to buyer includes
item(s) price
handling fee (if any)
sales tax (if applicable – NJ customers do include New Jersey  State
sales tax)
shipping fee.
Prices, carton quantities, minimums and availability of items listed
herein usually hold
but all are subject to change without notice.
We accept payment by VISA, MASTER CARD, prepaid check or
wire transfer.
Return Policies: Buyer is responsible to check deliveries.  Please
check carefully.
Upon receiving shipment -
*Make sure that the number of boxes you receive matches the
number of boxes stated on invoice / packing slip.
*Check boxes for damage. If there is obvious damage, note the
damage in the delivery ticket before signing it and notify the carrier
(UPS: 1-800-742-5877) and file a claim then call us and we will
manage the claim.  
Upon opening the box (es) -
*Make sure that your order and the packing slip / invoice and the
merchandise content agree.
*Please report any discrepancies to us within 24 hours of receipt of
*All risk of loss or damage occurring after delivery shall be born by
Returns -        
*All returns are subject to our (the Seller’s) approval and
authorization, so please contact us for a Return Authorization
*Used merchandise is not returnable.
*The fee for shipping back to us (the Seller) of all returns must be
paid by the Buyer.
*If the merchandise is returned to us for any reason other than
defects or our error, the Buyer will be charged a 20% restocking fee
in addition to the shipping fee.
*No cash refunds – credit only.  Credit is for merchandise only.
1. High quality shipping
is available UPS courier
for all VIP customer!
Please see more details
at member service.  

2. All new release items
will be 10% discount
when purchases 10
boxes per time! Please
check the details at
prticular items available!  
3. We have add the
different sand into our
product line,please see
the product section for
details or call us for
further questions!  

4. We will open new
product line for
customizing the
particular item by user!
Please see the
"Customer Special" for

More Details>>>>>>
Seller makes no guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, with
respect to any merchandise herein, specifically of merchantability or
fitness of use.
Seller is under no circumstances responsible for any personal
damage or injury, accident, sickness disease, or death resulting from
or related in any way to any use of the products / materials herein.
Buyer / User of any products or materials herein should exercise
proper caution, use and wear OSHA recommended safety
equipment, and follow MSDS guidelines in their use.
NOTE ! Do not breathe ceramic dust directly from any raw
materials or resulting from use of any ceramic product or other
product herein.
This sales order contains all terms and conditions of the agreement
of sale between Buyer and Seller and no other contract, agreement
condition or warranties, expressed or implied,
verbal or written will supersede this Sales Order.
Receipt by Seller of Purchase Order or Payment constitutes a
binding agreement between Buyer and Seller to all terms and
conditions in this Sales Order Terms and Conditions.
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Ordering: Minimum order is $25.  For orders less than $25, add a
$5. handling fee.
Shipping: In general, orders will be shipped 1 week after receipt of
payment, small orders by UPS and larger orders by Motor Freight
(unless specified by buyer).
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